Psychics need to rest!

Last week I wrote a small blog about psychics and their level of anxiety. It was read by many people, many of them sending in little notes and even private emails about their feelings. It got me to thinking. Given my teapot philosophy,that generally, psychic workers have a higher level of what I call ‘wallpaper’ anxiety than most people, I was thinking what a remarkable bunch of people we really are to take on reading other people’s energies when our own is so taxed. I have noticed a pattern where psychics will work for a long time, and then they reach a point where their minds seem to stop. If this happens to you, then it’s to be expected. I think psychics burn at a higher wattage, and need time to restore their ‘light’ according to how much they give out.
To be a good psychic means working on high alert on so many levels. Firstly you have your intuitive, mediumship or healing gifts, which in themselves are a great blessing. These gifts feed your soul, and keep you working for many years. The joy of sharing and giving closure to the lives of clients is a huge reward in itself, and we feel compelled to learn and develop our skills more each day.
Secondly,you work on a community level, which involves your responsibility to the public. This can be ethical, legal and commercial, and is the opposite of Zen. Many of these I have talked about in chapter three of my book, “How to Work as a Psychic Reader”. If you feel that there is so much more to doing readings than you ever imagined there would be, and that after a big week of work your nerves are gone, then you are not alone.
For instance, I find one of the greatest areas of stress in psychic work, is the accountability we carry for every word spoken, especially if our readings are being recorded. We are prone to human errors, and if we get tired, we are likely to make more of them. We need an inbuilt ‘delay’ button like the Radio stations have so that our words are chosen thoughtfully! Psychics have a massive impact on their clients, and that’s fine if it’s going to be constructive and healing. One of the first signs of burn out is difficulty in choosing our words thoughtfully. It’s important to read yourself, and know if you feel mentally exhausted. The main thing is to spot the signs and rest completely. Big hug from Heather. xx

Thoughts on Christmas

 For those of us who have just lost loved ones, it is a ‘horribly beautiful’ time, when the lights on the tree seem wobbly through our tears and we feel lonely in a mob. Will we ever feel better? Being a Gran, I was able to remember things that have helped me heal during other celebrations when things got tough. I know Christmas is a Christian celebration, but it gets overwhelmed by a tsunami of commerce and noise, often the last thing we need at a time when we are trying to get our head together. But it can be very healing too!
Here’s some more of my teapot philosophy…. and I write this from the heart, as no stranger to loss. If you want to rekindle Christmas joy, a good place to begin is to remember back to who you were at the happiest time in your life… before you formed all the relationships you had with the dear ones you miss. Go back to the time in your life when you were just you, when you felt a sense of wonder, and your life seemed full of choices. Do you know what? You are still that YOU, no matter how big you get, how old you get, no matter what you have gone through, even if you might feel emotionally bankrupt for the moment. Underneath the pile of emotion is beautiful YOU.
Maybe it’s a real good time to make yourself a Christmas gift of YOURSELF… to treat your wounded soul like a tender new being, that can discover happiness again one joy at a time…. your way. You may enjoy the process of changing more than you ever thought possible. Start by respecting the beauty of your own unique ideas, decorating in a small way with your soul colors, surround yourself with happy keepsakes and mementos from your happiest past, and yet still keep a space for those you miss… but in perspective with your own life. Never feel guilty that you remain, because it helps no one if you fail to proceed with your life purpose.
But sometimes it’s not just the people we miss, it’s the way they made us feel. You will always be able to recall those feelings! Celebrate them, share them but let yourself grow again by giving your very own soul a special embrace this Christmas. Light your fragile candle in the shade of this year’s Christmas tree and let it shine out in gently with your newly gained wisdom. As your life flame grows stronger, you’ll get your strength back… and your laughter …then you will be able to do wonderful things to help other people! May your next year be full of optimism and opportunity,
Special Christmas love from Heather. xx

Psychics & Sensitivity
Just a little note to people who are ‘sensitives’ or gifted with intuitive ability. Gifted people often suffer from anxiety for most of their life until they discover how to interpret and process their sensitivity as an observer rather than a feeler. Processing anxiety continually on a deeply emotional level is very wearing and aging, but on the other hand,if psychics were not over sensitive to everything right from their youth, then they probably wouldn’t be called psychic now. I think back at the number of things I have missed in my life because I was afraid!
If you are a Sensitive, chances are you will always feel anxiety and multi-faceted fears at a high level. To survive and really ‘live’, you have to over ride your initial inbuilt super sensitivity, to take on your dreams with vision and courage. Yes, you may feel pain more acutely than anyone else, or you may feel inadequate or easily overloaded many more times than anyone else. Maybe you can’t abide crowded rooms or cement buildings in the city. You have to move forward in your life anyway. you can’t just hide under the bed all your life. You have to reach out for your dreams through your fears.
If you are truly gifted and continually searching for knowledge then staying the same isn’t an option. I remember how unsettling life was before I realized that wallpaper type anxiety is OK. It’s sensitivity in overdrive! Have a think about it, and you won’t be so tough on yourself. Grow and stand tall!

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