Another option..

Short talk with ​mini Readings for private Fundraiser groups

PS: I am no longer doing evening private Dinner group or Party Readings for the purpose of entertainment. 

It is my pleasure to be able to create awareness in the community about psychic phenomena being a part of all our lives, no matter what our beliefs or creeds are. Everyone is psychic! I also enjoy showing that palmistry is a science to be acknowledged, just as reflexolgy and iridology are, and the value it has in the legal and medical world. I tell about personal experiences and challenges that I have had to overcome, many of them will relate to the audience. Overcoming fear of psychic and paranormal development is something many are interested in.

No charge for non profit groups.

          If your Community Group is trying to raise money, or you have a Spiritualist development Class that you would like me to visit, I am happy to give my time free of charge to be a guest speaker. The talks can be on various subjects, such as 

Paranormal Phenomena 
Is your child psychic?  
Developing your psychic abilities
​My own psychic story

Free Community Speaking

If you would like to discuss making a
booking a few months ahead,
give me a ring on

Ph 08 82783634
or Mb 01414 278363
           I promise you that your audience won't be bored! An informative, relevant half hour interwoven with humour and followed by a short question and answer time. Afterwards there's another chance for people to come and say hello and ask more questions. The group must be a minimum of twenty people, up to however many you like. Large group talks will need a microphone to be provided by the venue.

Heather Grace's

Five or ten minute mini Readings are available in the Adelaide Eastern suburbs for 2 and a half hours for Charity Fundraising ending no later than 10pm. My costs for expenses and insurance for the event are a once off $50.  I will give a short bright 10 minute introductory talk about Palmistry and about my Studio and story before Reading for however many guests we can get through. A great help is if someone can organize the line and the timing!

You will need to supply a quiet corner, a power outlet for the Palmistry light, and two chairs... and cups of tea...  I also request to take a few photos for PR.

Thankyou, I look forward to being able to help your Fundraiser event.