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by Heather Grace

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Hi everyone,
           Many gifted people want to start out in the field of Psychic Reading. I decided to put down my experiences so that all could share what I have learned over the years. 
             My book won't teach you to hum.... it is a practical guide to actually working in public. Stepping out into any new work is daunting, and I hope to share with you some of the things that you really do need to know before you set up. Being gifted and spiritual isn't enough. Combining it with business skills and presentation has to be taken into account as well. There's help at hand! 
         "How to Work as a Psychic Reader" will help you consider all angles and will prepare you a bit. There are lots of examples and case notes that will show you how to deal with difficult situations, and also some funny stories that have happened along the way when I started working. 
Do you know the most important word about being successful? It is "DO". Yes, plain little DO is the operative word. Even if you start with one step, it's closer to your goal than you were before! 

"What a wonderful collection of information! I have been in a mediumship circle for quite a few years and I was never really given the information you have compiled." ...... Lynette. B.

"A highly recommended book by a very caring and gifted Psychic. Full of practical advice for the beginning psychic student and especially for the professional Psychic. It's recommended reading for my Students."...Elisabeth Jensen.
Isis Mystery School.