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​​​​A letter to friends, ​​
            I'm Heather Grace, an experienced Palmist, Psychic and writer with lifelong interests in Theology, Paraspychology and Metaphysics. Thankyou for visiting my website! At present I am taking leave, to rest and resettle in my new cottage in Mount Barker, SA.
 Thank you all for your referrals to others, for your encouragement and most valuable feedback over the last 28 years! . 
         The people who have arrived as 'clients' and left as friends has made my dedication to Palmistry work so worthwhile! Bringing direction and clarity by reading the hands as well as often bringing messages through, can be a real experience. I will always give of my best, and may see you soon when I will work from Hahndorf in South Australia.I will let you know when I am ready to take bookings again, and until then I wish you all the best!

Love from Heather xx

International Psychics Association
Institute Psychic Practitioners, London
Institute Forensic Parapsychology London
Dip.Palmistry, Dip.Psychometry,UK
Psychic of the Year Award Australia 2014
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